IdentiMap White Paper High School Career Development

Disintermediation: Is Google replacing guidance counselors as career planners?

As people become increasingly connected and wired in, we see disintermediation, or the elimination of a middleman, in multiple places. Travel agents, stock brokers, even furniture stores find themselves cut from the process, as people find more direct routes to information. It once seemed that this process was limited to goods available on—but now, this phenomenon is filtering into every industry and discipline. Download complete White PaperDisintermediation White Paper 2.0

What is IdentiMap’s High School Counselor Program?

This month IdentiMap is introducing its new personality assessment tools software program to more than 3,000 high school counselors across the country. It’s a fast, accurate, and easy-to-use mobile App for students to use on the Apple iPhone and Google Android. (Download a PDF  Identimap Counselor Program 4.0)

Students are struggling for direction. Counselors are working hard to help. It’s not easy and students often witness that most people are not happy in their jobs. Students want to avoid this situation. IdentiMap is a free, new tool to help mitigate this problem. It’s been downloaded by more than 10,000 users on their smartphone. 

Download a PDF identimap Star program for students

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