Christian at Eric Solorio Academy writes, “Through IdentiMap one can improve on getting to know themselves, as well as applying those personal qualities into what careers fit one’s best interest. IdentitiMap is a fairly easy application to use, through simply agreeing and disagreeing to certain qualities one can see a full summary report of your strengths and challenges. 

A student user writes, “I loved it! Very user friendly. It opens your eyes to your own personality and the career choices best suited for you. Plus, letting other members on my schoool soccer team use this app has opened great discussion about our unique differences and has helped us become better team players!”

Android User Midwest. “Just made my account, had a friend show me this app. And I automatically thought of all the positive possibilities this app could have. Schools, unemployment agencies, people who are searching for a job they love, so many things! I did read the pervious reviews and all i had to do was hit “create account”, fill it out, login with the previous info and i was in. So i believe that issue has been fixed 🙂 Love the concept!

Midwest High School Student Junior. “Identimap was very helpful in helping me figure out what careers would best fit my personality. It was very easy to use and the test was fast and didn’t take a lot of time. I learned a lot about myself through Identimap and it opened up ideas for future careers. I would definitely recommend it to anyone…”

Hana a Junior at a Michigan High School. “Great App. I love this app it helped me to figure out more about myself and what I’m interested in.”

JKaa High School senior. “Informative. Identimap allowed me to discover which careers best suit me. I would recommend it. It’s very informative.”

Compare what your friend thinks of you to how you think of yourself.

Compare your date or prospective close friend to you.

Will you get along with others?

Will you communicate well?

Send the results to whomever you wish for a thoughtful conversation.

Personality assessment tools help students understand their own personality.  This understanding creates  improved communication skills, increased confidence, better self-esteem, more focused exam preparation, improved understanding and communication with parents, more effective job interview skills, improved team collaboration, enhanced career selection techniques and improved relationships with friends.