Personality and Organization Culture

Identimap offers two cloud-based and scalable products: Trek42 and CAP42. These solutions gather individual survey responses, which in turn bolster management choices concerning recruitment, job alignment, and team cohesion. These outcomes have the potential to be incorporated into AI models across various domains like healthcare, education, government, and the private sector.

These tools empower organizations to cultivate and sustain their competitive edge.


  • Identifies a person’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Creates a customized narrative
  • It is visually superior
  • Easier to use and understand
  • Significantly more cost-effective


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  • Solves organization-wide problems
  • Compares a person’s behavior traits with  organization’s culture.
  • Intuitive and cost-effective
  • Helps management understand culture
  • Identifies employee fit and retention
  • Improves hiring decisions

CAP42 differs from other assessments because CAP42 first analyzes an organization’s culture and second how employees and applicants match that culture.

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The bar chart is a proprietary visual representation of a person’s traits. The chart is designed to assist a person to quickly observe their own or another person’s traits. Everyone has these traits; some are stronger, others less dominant.


Relaxed, Agreeable, Peaceful, Careful, Peacemaker, Calm, Easy going, Quiet, Friendly, Mediator.


Organized, Conscientious, Methodical, Creative, Detailed, Analytical, Perfectionist, Factual, Introspective, Inventive


Optimistic, Friendly, Fun, Imaginative, Colorful, Charismatic, Positive, Cheerleader, Entertainer, Passionate


Doer, Optimistic, Confident, Direct, Independent, Entrepreneur, Leader, Decisive, Tenacious.

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