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Our solutions collect individual survey responses to enhance the quality of management decisions on recruitment, job alignment, and team cohesion. We help you build stronger, more effective teams. Our goal is to ensure your teams have the optimal mix of achievers, encouragers, analyzers, and listeners.

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Discover your true self and unlock your potential! This guide is your key to leveraging your personality for that coveted promotion. It offers insights on transforming your personality into a strength rather than a weakness, equipping you to navigate interactions with individuals of diverse personalities. Featuring an easily comprehensible personality chart, it enables real-time communication adjustments. Based on research by Dr. Randy Shepard, who extensively interviewed individuals and organizations spanning corporations, not-for-profit institutions, law enforcement, and psychological counseling, this guide stems from his PhD thesis—the foundation of the innovative Identimap method. Accessible and applicable to both personal and professional spheres, this resource empowers you to grasp and implement these principles in your life. Unlock the potential within you. Purchase Now


CAP42 is a cloud-based organization culture assessment tool. It can be used as a predictability fit between an applicant and a department or group within a company. Also, the tool helps to analyze and pinpoint team synergies and conflicts. The CAP42 score is like a FICO score in that it uses a proprietary algorithm to compute a score between 0 and 900, with 900 being an optimal match. CAP42 is a set of survey items used to compare an individual’s culture with a dataset that represents the culture of a department or group within a company. The individual’s results and department or group dataset are displayed visually on a chart. CAP42 is different from other culture surveys because CAP42 analyses the company’s department or group culture and compares the individual with that culture. . Contact us for a proposal.

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