Human Resource Management

Visual Data Analytics

A Powerful HR Productivity Tool

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TREK42 is designed to help HR professionals recruit, hire, promote, build productive teams and manage their most valuable asset . . . people. 

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Cloud Availability

Anonymously secured data stored and retrieved only by unique credentials, anytime and anywhere.

Cross-Platform Availability

Works across any computing device and any operating system.

Applicant Profiles

Unlimited profile data only accessed by credentials, which can be shared with other managers.

Quick Analysis

Dozens of profiles can be quickly accessed and analyzed with the visual analytic feature.

Compare Applicants

The perfect candidate feature enables comparison between new applicants and employees.

Reliable Analysis

Technology was born in Silicon Valley, modified by Dr. Shepard, a behavior specialist, and tested on more than 5,000 people.


What we do

Our solutions are designed to be less cumbersome, more easily understood, and more economical than traditional personality assessment tools.

Trek42 features two foundational technology elements:

    • proprietary visual data analytics

    • a unique pattern recognition AI tool