Our Product

Our product stands out for several compelling reasons. Firstly, it sets itself apart by employing visual representations to assess applicants. Extensive research has shown that managers prefer quick answers rather than lengthy reports drafted by psychologists and approved by lawyers. With our visual representation, the
hiring manager can swiftly determine if the applicant is likely to be a good fit, saving time to address other crucial aspects if necessary.


Secondly, our product exemplifies ease of use for both hiring managers and candidates. The survey is efficiently administered, and candidates receive their results within minutes, a speed unmatched by any other product in our market. This aligns with what our research identified as a key preference among hiring managers.

Third, we offer the flexibility of providing more in-depth analysis for managers who desire greater granularity. While we can furnish a comprehensive 20-page analysis, we understand that succinctness is often preferred, as evidenced by the limitations faced by other successful products like Myers-Briggs and DISC
when they ventured into the online space.

Fourth, our product’s philosophy challenges the notion that personality remains fixed over time. We firmly believe that personalities can evolve, which is why we encourage consumers to take our survey multiple times under varying conditions. This is reflected in our policy of encouraging users to take the survey as often as they wish.

Fifth, we provide a unique feature that allows clients to customize the algorithm to emphasize specific traits. At the client’s request, we can adjust the selection criteria to place more weight on certain personality traits, providing results that highlight dominant characteristics.

Last, our premier product CAP42 combines our trait analysis with the big five personality traits to match applicants with a company’s culture. This results in a score similar to a credit score, indicating the potential success of the match-up. For instance, a Cap42 score of 900 would signify a highly compatible pairing.