The applications reviewed below are not meant to be exhaustive. The user may create new and specific applications for its industry. These applications may even be proprietary and may represent new revenue for the user.

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Peer-to-Peer Comparison

In a peer-to-peer application, two employees take the survey with one peer (e.g., Beth) providing her view of the other peer (e.g., Mary). In this example, Mary’s survey results of herself are compared with Beth’s view of Mary.

Compare a person to a target data set.

The user can create unlimited data sets for various categories of employees. These categories can be based on skills, geography, length of service, or any other criteria that the user needs to select employees for specific assignments.

Compare an applicant to other employees.

The user can also compare new applicants against the top group, which helps them identify potential program failures, but also allows them to identify gaps in individual applicants that can be worked on to make the applicants closer in performance to the top group..

Identify desired trait goals for the future.

Our software enables an employee to develop a future set of goals. In this manner, the user can look at gaps between where the employee is with respect to their traits and where they would like to be in the future.