The Results:

The following items are taken directly from reports that are produced from either Trek42 or CAP42.

“The top-performing individual excels with a strong drive and extroverted nature that positions them as a natural leader. They possess an entrepreneurial spirit, embracing risk-taking and making swift decisions even in challenging scenarios. Their ambition fuels their ability to work autonomously. They exhibit inventiveness, consistently devising creative solutions for issues, underpinned by a resolute and determined demeanor aimed at achieving success. Their communication is straightforward and concise.”

“The high-scoring encourager possesses a sociable extroverted nature, thriving in group or teamwork settings, and draws energy from these interactions. They effortlessly forge connections, exert influence over others, and radiate charisma,
passion, and enthusiastic conversation. It’s important for them to exercise caution to avoid embellishing information or omitting crucial details.”